ptdome is a revolutionary new column free, low energy roof product developed in Australia by the s² company pty ltd.

With a range of options and applications across numerous market sectors including sport and recreation, aviation, disaster relief, mining and military, ptdome has virtually unlimited uses.

In its standard 25m configuration, ptdome can be assembled and erected in 5 days or less without the use of cranes.  It can be scaled up in size in 5m increments in any direction from 25m x 25m up to 50m x 50m with only four corner columns.

The key value propositions of speed, strength, flexibility, adaptability, transportability and sustainable architecture puts ptdome in a class of its own. No other structure on the market in this size range has column free access along all four sides, is as fast to build or easy to transport.

Call s² and talk to us about how ptdome can add value to your operations.

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