s² provides technology solutions that can change the game.

s² and its precursor companies have evolved as a world leader in the provision of large span post-tensioned steel solutions.  Across Australia, Asia and the Middle East, s² has built a legacy of highly efficient, pure space for aircraft hangars, industrial facilities, office buildings, sporting complexes, equine centres, defence infrastructure and education facilities.

Over 30 years of practical experience has been captured in a series of brands, patents, patent applications and know-how.  Access to s² intellectual property, technology and products is now available through Licencing.

With an s² Licence, you can:

Whether your business is steel, wood or composite, as an s² Licencee you can change the rules and start to influence outcomes instead of waiting for orders.

With an s² technology Licence you can deal in your clients' currency, provide answers to their problems and create more value in your own business.

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