Over the course of the last 30 years, s² and its precursor companies have evolved as a world leader in the provision of large span post-tensioned steel solutions.

Across Australia, Asia and the Middle East, s² has built a legacy of highly efficient clear space for aircraft hangars, warehouses, office buildings, sporting complexes, equine centres and  industrial facilities.

All of these spaces were one-off projects and were characterised by vast, open, column free volumes.

In 2009, s² consciously stopped designing bespoke solutions and began the development of a "pre-engineered" clear span product range.  This decision was driven by a number of key factors:

s²  is focused on three product lines incorporating post-tensioned steel:  domes, arches and floors.  We take an Integrated Product Development approach in "pre-engineering" our solutions with a specific focus on:

Each of our product lines seek to achieve specific outcomes:

Since 2010 s² has been in technology sharing discussions with a number of potential licencees around the world.  Designs have been completed incorporating the materials of two potential licencees and prototype structures have been built in London, England and in Newcastle, Australia.  A US prototype is planned on the east coast of North America.


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